Candidate Code is the easy way to manage take home coding tests

Single-click git repository setup and assignment to candidates

Collaboratively review, comment and rate submissions as a team

Allow candidates to use the tools they know best

Send your first 10 challenges free with no time limit

How it Works

Host your take home challenge with us
Quick and easy - one git push and your challenge is uploaded and ready to send
Send to candidates with the click of a button
We notify your candidate, set up a repo, manage access and collect results
Candidate works from their own repository
We create a unique page for each candidate. They see instructions and access their repository as soon as they click "Start"
Collaboratively view and discuss the results
See the diff of your candidate's changes, start comment threads and rate each submission

Single-Click Assignment

Assigning a technical challenge to a candidate has never been so simple. Enter a name, email and click a button - your job is done.

Your candidate gets:

  • Notified that they have been assigned a challenge via email
  • A fresh, anonymous-access git repository to clone from. No need to mange accounts and permissions
  • A unique challenge page from which they can view instructions, their git repository's URL, and mark an assignment started or finished

Great Candidate UX

Making it easy for your future hires to demonstrate their skills to you.

  • Give you candidates a frictionless on-boarding experience; no account or repository set up required
  • Clear instructions are provided on a simple page unique to each candidate
  • Challenge submission is as simple as pushing to master and clicking 'finish'. Avoid zip files, Google Drive uploads and email attachments

Powerful Team Features

Invite your team to your Candidate Code organization and reap the benefits of their combined experience.

  • Your hiring team gets full, shared visibility of your candidate's commits as they are pushed up
  • Start discussion threads with your colleagues
  • Allow your hiring team to view a full diff of a candidate's changes right inside Candidate Code
  • Summarize feedback with a simple five-star rating system

Email Notifications

Stay up to date by receiving email notifications

  • Know as soon as a candidate starts and finishes a recruitment test
  • Assign expert team members to receive notifications about the challenges they're best placed to review
  • Allow HR departments better insight into the technical assessment stages of your recruitment pipeline

Why Candidate Code?

Challenge Management with Git

Keep code where it belongs: in Git. No more attaching zip archives of repositories to emails; no more confusion about which version was sent, no miscommunication about where the results have gone. Full git history for each candidate, instantly accessible.

Painless Team Reviews

Hiring the right people is a team exercise. Allow your entire hiring team to comment, rate and discuss the results of a coding challenge and record the decisions made - exactly as you would with a code review. Easily view diffs of a candidate's changes so you can tell what changed when. Persist that knowledge through to interview so you have the context to discuss the decisions a candidate has made.

Put People First

Other technical recruitment platforms give candidates preset multiple choice questions, or generic algorithm questions that are automatically ranked on speed or memory usage. They aim to minimze human involvement, and reduce a person to a number. We don't think that works. It's the judgement of your most skilled engineers that leads to the most successful hires. We provide a platform that lets you make the most of your hiring team's expertise.

Get the Best Out of Candidates

Let your candidates code in an environment they'll give you their best in. No more writing code on whiteboards in interviews, no more browser-based assessment tools. The operating system, IDE and runtime management tools of their choice, at a time of their choosing.

Why use coding challenges for recruitment?

Find what you need

Carefully crafted challenges unique to your organization allow you to verify that a candidate actually has the skills you need for the role.

Scalable Process

Code-based assessments form a reliable and efficient screening stage for technical recruitment at scale. Make the most effective use of your engineering and HR resources.

Respect your candidates

A technical recruitment test lets your candidates demonstrate proficiency in as close to ideal conditions as possible, at a time that suits them, with their own equipment and software.

Send your first 10 challenges free with no time limit

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